You can always smell Amos BBQ before you can see it: That unruly scent of woodsmoke and smoked meat sneaks in through your car vents and beckons you to eat whether you’re  hungry or not. My family heeded that call last Saturday afternoon and we were not disappointed.

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We’re going to talk about the awesome experience that was Amos BBQ in a minute.

But first, let’s discuss the topic of “delayed gratification.” Why on earth do we as humans see  something that we inherently KNOW that we’re going to love, but pass it by,  “saving it for another day?” Advice: When it comes to love and BBQ, just don’t do that, okay?

I can’t tell you how many times, reluctantly,  I’ve had to pass this place by. I always seemed to be rushing off somewhere, whether to a photo shoot or most often to spend the day with my family at Gibbs Gardens. I always took note of the woodpiles outside, the welcoming front porch, and oh, gosh, that intoxicating smell.

Last Saturday, on one such trip to Gibbs,  my husband surprised me by whipping into the parking lot on a whim. “I’m in the mood for some BBQ,” he said. My heart rejoiced, not just for the lunch to come, but because we were exercising some spontaneity. As he ran inside to grab us a sandwich, I relaxed on the covered porch and struck up a quick friendship with an affectionate resident cat. The porch was decorated in old antiques and memorabilia from a more rustic time, and long wooden tables were set for friends and strangers to share a meal.

Wrapped in foil for easy traveling, the BBQ beef sandwich that my husband returned with was smoky and tender, and the sweet sauce was a perfect finish. We passed the sandwich back and forth between us in the front seat, and I couldn’t help thinking about how perfect it seemed to be bonding over BBQ, the original American “road trip” food. I’m convinced that after this great first impression, Amos BBQ might just turn into a family tradition on future outings.

Coming Soon: Watch out for the sequel to this post, in which my hound dog will inevitably meet that friendly cat, and I will make it there in the morning to try out the biscuits.


697 Hightower Trail
(770) 889-3866